The Same Ten People


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In any volunteer organization, it’s like clockwork – the same ten folks always swoop in to get things done, and they’re practically as predictable as your morning cup of coffee. You could set your watch by them! They’re the volunteer MVPs, the unsung heroes who make everything tick. They’re the ones who answer every email within minutes, show up to every meeting on time (with a big smile, mind you), and seem to have an uncanny ability to stretch 24 hours into what feels like a week’s worth of work. It’s almost as if they have secret clones or a Time-Turner from the wizarding world! But hey, we love ’em for it, even if we secretly suspect they might be powered by an endless supply of enthusiasm and caffeine. Next time you see one of these tenacious ten in action, be sure to salute them with a grande latte and a standing ovation – they’ve earned it!

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